Carrying a smartphone, a wallet (a purse or fanny pack is essentially the same) and car keys. Those are the standard everyday carry items that the majority of people carry with them at all times. What if I told you that you could just as easily combine two of those items down to one? Crazy...I know. It’s not as complicated as it might sound. It’s a miracle of science! Just kidding. It’s not really science. You don’t have to go with one of those heavy and complex card cases either. A simple card holder phone case made from soft full-grain leather you can be stylish, sleek and minimal. Here are the best reasons to use and own a leather phone case wallet.


Plenty of room for debit and credit cards and any cash that you may have. That’s really the best part about it. Practically everything that you need all bundled up into one. Besides the having a card slot to carry cash and cards, this case is easy to remove and put on to your phone. You rarely take your case off of your phone but when you need too, it shouldn’t be a chore. It also functions with magnetic mounted phone holders and wireless chargers.



One of the key concepts of the leather wallet case is the ability to carry only what you need. You can carry all or as little of the debit and credit cards that you want without having the extra bulk in your pockets. You want to carry just cash for the day and don’t have any pockets? The wallet case is your best friend when you only need to have the essentials. Carrying less is less stress and less of a chance to lose something.


A simple sleek leather phone case can provide as much protection as the next case. Leather provides a cushioning effect and won’t break under abuse. You’d have to try quite hard to break your phone using a leather card case. Please don’t try though. It is not something that you really don’t want to prove something wrong with. Trust me, it provides plenty of protection.


Leather has always been a symbol of the upper crust and luxury lifestyle. It is so soft, sleek and smooth. No bells and whistles. Just a classic leather phone case to make sure everyone knows that you enjoy the finer things in life. The phone is fancy in its own right, then why would you cover it with anything but a beautiful full grain leather phone case.


If you ever want to know what it feels like to be the smartest person in the room get yourself a leather phone case wallet. It’s the fastest way to show that you have style and class and thinking beyond your years. When you get a leather card holding case, the trend will begin and you can claim that you were at the forefront. Don’t play catch up. Be the beginning and not the end.


Any place, Any time and Any where. That is what is really helpful when choosing a phone case that caters to your need. If you are woman heading to a wedding and want to wear a dress without pockets, heaven forbid, you can have a leather card case that holds your cards and your phone. That way there is no need to worry about a big bulky purse when you are out on the dance floor. If you want to go out to the local discotheque or pub and throw your inhibitions to the wind, then it might help to keep your driver's license, credit card and cash in one location connected to your cell phone. A night out or a night in, a leather wallet phone case is extremely helpful. 


The joys of leather is that it comes in so many colors, textures and varieties. If you want a beautiful green leather case, you can find it. If you want your leather card case to have multiple pockets and be bright pink, then there is a pretty good chance that you can find it out there. The color variations are practically limitless.


Some card holding phone cases can be very pricey. Are you really getting what you are after with these bulky and heavy expensive cases? Usually, no. A leather card phone case should cost you less than $80 and shouldn’t require screws and a lock and key to get into. You want to make sure that the leather used on the phone case is real and high quality. If it seems too cheap and too good to be true, it usually is.



There are a lot of “no case” people out in the world right now. I get it, your phone is gorgeous and it slides ever so gently into your pocket, all with no additional weight. If you want something that is just as attractive, sleek and lightweight, then a leather card case is perfect. A leather wallet case weighs merely ounces, even with cards and cash. A smooth case can still just as easily slide in and out of your pocket. Did I mention that it can hold your cards and cash?